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Cremona Discovering the Flavours and Colours of the Po Valley

Itinerari Turistici Enogasronomici - Cremona il Torrazzo

Itinerari Turistici Enogasronomici - Cremona il Torrone

Itinerari Turistici Enogasronomici - Cremona la Mostarda

Itinerari Turistici Enogasronomici - Cremona il Grana Padano

Itinerari Turistici Enogasronomici - Cremona il Salame

Itinerari Turistici Enogasronomici - Cremona il Caprino

Cremona the city of the three "T" is well known for the elegance of its monuments and for the noble mastery of the lute-makers. The several churches, erected during the medieval time and the many elegant palaces and villas which characterize Cremona surroundings, enhance the city charm. The beauty of this province is also due to the astonishing landscapes of the Po Valley, characterized by the rivers, which flow in the Cremona Province: the Po', the Serio, the Adda and the Oglio.

The rivers are a wonderful mean to enjoy the peace and calmness which only Mother Nature can offer and therefore to get rid of the big cities chaos. There is even the possibility to float on the boats which cover slightly long river itineraries, or to use the wide net of cycle tracks, which, without going away from the banks, link the numerous beauties disseminated in the fields and embraced by the natural park, born to preserve the rich vegetal and animal variety.

Cremona, one of the most beautiful square of Italy, situated at the confluence between the Adda and the Po' rivers, the homeland of the lute-makers Stradivari, a gastronomic tradition characterized by unique flavours: nougat, chesses and the delicious mustard which can be matched with Cremona Gran Bollito, (a local dish composed of several kind of meat accurately prepared by local chefs).

Cremona is without any doubt a place with a strong agricultural vocation; immersed in the Po Valley, Cremona has one of the most interesting gastronomic tradition of Italy, among its typical products you will find: Grana Padano, Provolone Cheese Valpadana, Salva Cremasco - another local cow's milk cheese, Goat's Milk cheese, Cremona Salami, Cotechino - traditional pork sausage, Zampone - pork sausage stuffed in a pig trotter, Radici Bianche di Soncino - white taproot vegetable, Honey, Mostarda di Cremona - mixture of fruit pickled in a mustard sauce, Torrone Morbido and Duro - soft and hard nougat, Torta Bertolina - grape garnished cake, Crema Spongarda - rich cake with dried fruit, Soresina Bussolano - rustic ring cake and, finally, Chocolate Graffioni - large chocolates filled with cherry flavoured liqueur.

Thank to the wide range of typical tasteful products, based on local ingredients, Cremona Cuisine is considered one of the most interesting in Italy. Cremona Cuisine owes much to the presence of the Po' river and of the river confluences, which, for centuries, have influenced the local civilization, and, of course, the local culinary culture, marked by originally elegant taste mixtures such as sweet and sour flavour of the typical mustard.

The simple but ancient culinary tradition represents an important aspect of the local peasant culture typical of the Po Valley population and, in particular, of the farm inhabitants, in the frame of the Cremona territory, theatre of uncountable vicissitudes, due to the strategic role played by Cremona in Commons Époque.

An especial mix of ingredients, selected during centuries, valorises local specialities. The rich presence of pork dishes, as well as the wide range of dishes based on valuable farmyard animals, such as ducks and goes, but also the original first dishes like the "turtei" - special ravioli made of "plain" pastry with an absolutely distinctive filling composed of candied citron, dark macaroons, grated cheese, nutmeg, and of a spiced local biscuit called "mostaccino", have made Cremona and its surroundings an unicum in the national culinary tradition.


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