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The Three Walled Towns - Cremona and Surroundings

Le Tre Città Murate - Soncino sul Fiume Oglio

Le Tre Città Murate - Crema sul Fiume Serio

Le Tre Città Murate - Pizzighettone sul Fiume Adda

In the very centre of the Padana Plain, a few kilometres south east of Milano and next to Cremona, you will find yourself suddenly far from traffic congestion, immerged in the verdant country, run through by rivers, by waterways and by several other watercourses. In this landscape, there are three small walled towns with an ancient glorious history. The fortresses, erected to control the fords of the rivers flowing through the "Po Valley", are: Soncino, on the early course of the Oglio River, Crema on the Serio River and Pizzighettone on the Adda river.

The Three Walled Towns are situated in the northern part of Cremona district, in a not particularly known area, far from the traditional touristic routes. However they are easy to reach by train, by bus or by car. The visit involves just few kilometre transfers, which could be covered by bicycle on the specific paths. You will spend wonderful days far from big cities stressing frenetic city life. The itinerary can consist also of a one day trip, having a brief visit of the principal monument and a quick taste of the local products. However in order to better enjoy the experience of a different tourism it will be necessary a two or three days, or a week-end stay. You will discover, among simple and discreet people, unexpected beauties and treasures not so inserted in the Italian most touristic routes. You will have the pleasant sensation to be among friends willing to let you know the beautiful things they are wary keeper of.

The structures have all the modern facilities with the gentleness typical of the traditional inns, there are also wonderful restaurants, where it is possible to taste the simple natural cuisine born from the peasant civilization of Cremona Plain.

Crema The Walled Towns - Cremona

Le Tre Città Murate - Crema il Duomo

Le Tre Città Murate - Crema Basilica S. Maria derlla Croce

Le Tre Città Murate - Crema il Torrazzo

As nearly all Lombard provinces, it seems that Crema has been founded after a Longobard invasion occurred around the VI century AC. As a matter of fact, Crem in Longobard language means "rise", which recalls the place where the local population sheltered in order to escape from the invasion. However it is possible that the city had older origins, Etruscan or Celtic. Around the year 1000, Crema have been protagonist of stormy historical vicissitudes: originally it was a Camisano Count's property, then passed to the Toscana's Marquis and afterwards to the Cremona episcopate.

Federico Barbarossa besieged Crema in 1159. In 1158, thanks to Costanza Peace, in the city started a period of calmness. Wool manufactory, started by the Humiliati Order in 1000, remained the principal economic activity in Crema until the 19th Century.

With reference to festivals and markets, Crema is undoubtedly the "sweetest" Italian city. There are many events not to be forgotten. First of all the two fairs: the Santa Maria's one, the last week-end of March, and the Santa Lucia's one, in December. In addition, the several enogastronomic events which cyclically take place in the Torrazzo, situated in the very city centre, are not to be neglected. Three times per year, the characteristic seasonal markets, where you will find the Crema and Lombardy delicatessen, but also wrought iron, terracotta, porcelains, and hand tinted fabric. If you happen to be in Crema in the middle of August, you cannot miss the Tortellata Cremasca, a fixed event of local product degustation.

At lunch, you must try the "Tortelli Cremaschi", with a slightly sweet base, the "Salva" cheese, the "Bertolina" (grape garnished cake) and the "Spingarda" (a typical cake).

Pizzighettone The Walled Towns - Cremona

Le Tre Città Murate - Pizzighettone La Torre del Guado

Le Tre Città Murate - Pizzighettone Le Casematte

Le Tre Città Murate - Pizzighettone Interno delle Mura

The walled town Pizzighettone, situated on the Adda River, will impress the visitor with its curtain walls 12 metres high, 15 meters width, averagely 3 meters thick, which surround entirely the city centre. The visit inside the town walls begins with a suggestive itinerary through a sequence of communicating barrel vaults interiors (casematte), continues in the green moat and offers fascinating and charming stops at the Rivellino, the Guado Tower and the ex - Ergastolo, where it will be possible to see the oppressive segregation cells.

The city centre, beside numerous churches, also count a Civic Museum, exhibiting archaeological finds, and a Arts and Crafts Museum structured to witness coastal village culture. In this way you will pleasantly learn Pizzighettone history, form the Etruscan - Roman times to all the following dominations: of the Visconti, of the Sforza, then the Hispanic, French and Austrian.

In old walls warmed up by chimneys, you will have the chance to recall the emotions of the past, to discover past gastronomic traditions, but also to appreciate an old and precious historic-cultural heritage, lately amazingly restored. This legacy, neglected for years, has now been repurposed inside the impressive walls characterized by wide communicating casemates, which once were the accommodation for the Austrian troops, and now have become the exclusive venue of several events or, as for "Fagiolini" have been transformed in a big restaurant with wooden seats and tables where you will have the chance to taste, right as in old times, typical dishes, served in steaming bowls.

Among typical local dishes, you will have the chance to taste "pesciolino di fiume" - river fish and "fasulìn dè l'oc cun le cudeghe" - beans with pigskin, a winter dish usually served in occasion of the All Souls' Day.

Soncino The Walled Towns - Cremona

Le Tre Città Murate - Soncino La Rocca

Le Tre Città Murate - Soncino Ponte Levatoio

Le Tre Città Murate - Soncino La Casa degli Stampatori

Soncino lays on an old Oglio's River bank and is completely immerged in the intense green of a luxuriant country rich of natural springs. The city is completely rounded by fired brick walls reinforced with semi-circular towers and protected by a moat. In some parts still flows water.

Once passed one of the four doors, you find your self in a place where, as in ancient times, severe Medieval houses and churches or elegant Renaissance facades with twin lancet windows and elegant terracotta friezes overlook principal streets. Everything conveys quietness: the small streets to be strolled on foot, the light façade colours, the bright red brick facades of churches, towers, simple houses, the structures characteristic of the old spinning factories and of the watermills.

The military role played in the past by Soncino is witnessed by the huge XV century fortress. You will enter the fortress trough a Ravelin with a still working drawbridge, then you will go through a squared courtyard, fortified by four powerful towers. From that area it is possible to get to the battlemented glacises which overlook the city and the surrounding country. In addition, you can visit all the above ground rooms and most of the mysterious underground spaces. The "Casa degli Stampatori" is also worth to be visited, where it is reconstructed the story of the old Jewish typography which released world famous precious incunabulum.

Not to missed the traditional dishes of the local cuisine, to be tasted in the numerous local restaurant, not to be forgotten also the delicate pastries and the Soncino bitter tap root - a vegetable with extraordinary dietetic properties. For this roots a feast is held the forth Sunday of October.

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