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Cremona - The Po Valley - Sailing along the Po River

Cremona - Fiume Po - Pioppeto

Cremona - Fiume Po Barca a Remi

Cremona - Fiume Po Aironi Bianchi

The Po', watched by his principle embankment, flows from Cremona city outskirts, while the Adda river flows into it just a bit upper. The country around is fertile and fecund. Most of the industrial and commercial activities are based on agriculture. The Torrazzo gothic cusp, visible anywhere in the Po Valley, discloses the city from faraway and recalls one of the most beautiful square in Italy.

Cremona does not forget the river, grateful for what it has represented for the city history. The spare time activities and the pleasure boating take place in fluvial port and in the navigable canal. It frequently happens to see on the Po' beaches a seemingly abandoned rowing boat, moored and dinghy rocked by the flows, which may convey a sense of solitude even though it is a sign of vitality.

Even if since many year is prohibited to swim in the Po', the river people cannot help crossing those fascinating flows. Cremona People tie to the river is ancient. Now it has been concretized by the renewed interest for river tourism. Small cruises through the Po' give the possibility to discover the charming uncontaminated nature, which thrives along the Po' banks. The slow water streams and the refreshment given by the poplar shade overlooking the river constitute a fresh and pleasant shelter on hot summer days.Who is willing to appreciate the river charms cannot miss out a boat tour in order to enjoy perfumes, colours and sounds of an uncontaminated nature, nearby the city.

Cremona - Cycling along the left bank of the Po River

Cremona - Ansa del Fiume Po

Cremona - Lungo il Fiume Po in Bicicletta

Cremona - Fiume Po Pista Ciclabile

We propose three circular itineraries along the Cremona flood plain.

The first itinerary starts from the old Padane Colonies of Cremona and prosecutes to the mouth of the Cavo Morbasco following the Po' towing path - characterized by an extraordinary charming agricultural fluvial landscape. From there the bicycle path goes back to the city following the Cavo Morbasco, passing through the Bosco village fomer Parmigiano and following Bosconcello street and Boscone street up to the former Frazzi furnaces.

The second itinerary winds along the Stagno Lombardo fluvian countrysides, starting from its main square. The bicycle path goes through a zone rich of bodri (ponds) and palustrine vegetation. Along the route you will pass by splendid farms and go through protected Natural Reserves. The itinerary prosecutes for a short while in the territory of "Pieve d'Olmi", then it terminates again in the village once called Stagno Pagliari.

The last of the selected itineraries gives the possibility to cycle inside the Santa Maria wood, along the Po' left bank starting from Casalmaggiore Lido and to enjoy great natural scenaries. Going through the Olmi tunnel, which covers the towpath, it is possible to appreciate wonderful views on the river and on the Maria Luigia island, an important natural zone. From there you go back to Casalmaggiore, passing through Martignana Po' and visiting the splendid Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell'Argine.

Cremona - A boat trip discovering the Cremona beaches

Cremona - Fiume Po Navigazione

Cremona - Fiume Po - Monticelli d'Ongina

Cremona - Gita sul Fiume Po

Leaving from Cremona, you will sail along the headland, in order to admire the typical floodplain habitat with willow and poplar wood and small waterfalls for the local fauna. There is also the possibility to dock at one of the several white beaches, which coast the river, and to have a trip by bicycle in a charming rural landscape.

The sailing prosecutes up to the Serafini Island, where the river has a tiny bend and where, because of the isthmus shape, the water stream has a few meters water fall. In this zone, there are charming long banks, which are entirely practicable both on foot or by bicycle. During the sail, you will dock at one of the several beaches which coast this stretch of river. From there you will have a bicycle trip up to Monticelli d'Ongina, a small centre nearby the river, the home of garlic, where there is a terrific fourth century fortress with an Ethnographic Museum, the Po’ Aquarium and the Rural Civilization Museum.

The boats can transport people with bicycles.Passengers can take advantage of the boat service to reach a specific beach, in order to spend the day there, tanning, relaxing, admiring the local nature and fauna; in one word enjoying the beauty of the fluvial environment.


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