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Cremona - Terra di Stradivari

Cremona Gastronomy - Invitation to delight

Percorsi del Gusto - Arte e Gastronomia

Percorsi del Gusto - Arte e Piatti Tipici

The itinerary is structured to bring out characteristic local dishes, cooked exclusively in the communes of Cremona province.

Meanwhile the itinerary discloses artistic cultural monuments such as Villa Manfredi - in Chignolo (realized by Voghera on the former fortress), the eighteen century Villa Sommi-Picenardi - next to the Picenardi Tower, the Square "Gonzaghesca" - in the Dovarese Island, the Piadena Archaeological Museum, which houses a collection of interesting finds evidencing the antiquity of Po Valley civilizations and cultures, the Villa Mina della Scala - in Casteldidone, the Sfroza fortress - in Soncino and the Visconti castle - in Pandino.

The several festivals dedicated to local delicatessens witness the importance of traditional gastronomy. Among them we count: Open Dairies in Cremona and its Province, Gastronomic Festival also in Cremona, la Tortellata Cremasca - the feast of Crema tortelli, which obviously takes place in Crema, the Feast of autumn Taproot, in Soncino, the Feast of Cotechino - traditional pork sausage, in Casalmaggiore, the Feast of Fagiolino con le cotiche - beans with pigskin in Pizzighettone, the Meat Day in Cremona and its province, the Salva Day in Cremona - the Salva is a local cow's milk cheese and the unfailing Feast of Nougat in Cremona.


Percorsi del Gusto - Cremona la Mostarda

Percorsi del Gusto - Cremona Mustum Ardens

Add a flavour to your travel ... come and discover typical Cremona Mustard, enjoy its spicy taste matched with local cheeses or with Gran Bollito Cremonese - a local meet dish!

Cremona Mustard - Short Historical Outline
The Mustard is a spicy condiment, which contains candied fruits and vegetables and which is characterized by white mustard and wine. It can be matched with polenta, bolliti - meat dishes and fresh dishes. This tradition goes back to ancient Rome, the home of "mustum ardens" (burning must), derived from mustard seeds pounded in a mortar and mixed with vinegar and with young wine. Fruits have been added to the mixture later, around the fifteen century, after many other ingredients, like the capon's fate, have been experimented. While in 1604 was born the most famous mustard: the Cremona one.


Percorsi del Gusto - Cremona il Salame

Percorsi del Gusto - Crema I Tortelli

Local cold meats are the result of a secular refinement in the technique of slaughtered meats conservation. One of the most well-known products is Cremona Salami IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) which is characterized by the presence of garlic and other spices ... try and see!

Crema Tortelli - Short Historical Outline
In the past, Tortelli were an high gastronomy dish, reserved to noble people, as a matter of fact, just lately tortelli have become a widespread everyday dish. There is no feast no marriage where this typical diocesan dish is not present in the "first dishes menu", as it is extremely common in this territory. In spite of the fact that they do not contain meat, Tortelli are an extremely tasteful and rich food, a perfect synthesis between religious observation and taste delight. It is assumed that the Crema Tortelli origin goes back to the sixteen century as in that period it was common to mix salty and sweet tastes especially for the tortelli and ravioli filling. Macaroons, raisins, candied citron, bread crumbs, mustasì, nutmeg, parmesan, peppermint, salt, eggs, flour, water ... there you go. A process that for the people of Crema is a ritual since centuries. Simple acts would articulate the chain preparation where every single person would play a well defined role.

The CHEESE ITINERARY - Pizzighettone

Percorsi del Gusto - Cremona il Grana Padano

Percorsi del Gusto - Pizzighettone I Fasulin de l'ÖC cun le cudeghe

A complete itinerary which gives the possibility not only to visit the enterprises producing our most well-known cheeses such as Provolone Valpadana, Grana Padano or Salva Cremasco, but also to discover smaller firms producing delicious craft-made cow's milk cheeses and goat's milk cheeses.

Fasulin de l'ÖC cun le cudeghe - Pizzighettone - Short historical outline
Fasulin de l'ÖC is typical dish of the country gastronomic tradition. Fasulin de l'ÖC is a this dish is based on pork meat and it is normally prepared when the pig is butchered. Once this dish would be served for free to customers (who would pay only wine) in the village taverns on the 2nd of November after the first morning mass. This tradition has been carried out until the Seventies and than it has been neglected up to 1993, when the group "Volontari Mura" decided to repurpose it and it has been immediately a success.


Percorsi del Gusto - Soncino Radici lessate con Parmigiano

Percorsi del Gusto - Soncino Le Radici

The organic production is not a step backward but on the contrary it is a great step forward, which requires good knowledge and a strong will. All these efforts are reflected on Cremona products.

Soncino Roots - Short Hystorical outline
"Roots, a symbol for lovers" Ovidio tells, that the God Sun while was abandoning the young Elitra who loved him hopelessly, transformed her in a chicory flower. However the young girl's love was so strong that she went on glancing at the way covered by her beloved while he was going away. The miracle, told by Ovidio, renews every days because the light blue chicory flower follows the celestial star course as the sunflower. This particular vegetable, belonging to the chicory family, was already known by Old Greeks and Romans for its curative, depurative and medicamentous properties. The roots have so remarkable therapeutic properties that is among the first phytotherapy active ingredients. The harvest time is on autumn and they can be used the whole winter. Since 1967, in Soncino, the fourth Sunday of October, it is held the Roots Feast, a great chance to amusingly experience the atmosphere of popular feasts while tasting this magic fruit of the earth.


Percorsi del Gusto - Cremona il Torrone

Percorsi del Gusto - Il Torrone di Cremona

Torrone (nougat), honey, bussolano, bumbuneen are some of the sweet legs awaiting you along your tour of Cremona and its surroundings!

Torrone of Cremona - Short Historical outline
Most experts agree on the Arabian origins of torrone (the typical sweet made of honey, sugar, albumens and almonds), which the Arabs introduced into the Mediterranean coasts, in particular into Spain and Italy. The first torrone is said to have been served in Cremona on 25th October 1441, during the wedding reception of Francesco Sforza and Bianca Maria Visconti. Resembling the new sweet the Torrazzo, the town bell tower, it is likely to have been named after it. The first evidence of torrone in Cremona can be traced back to 1543, when the local municipality offered it to some authorities of Milan, thus proving that at that time this sweet was part of the daily lives of the peoples of Lombardy.


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