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Cremona and its Music

Antonio Stradivari - Cremona

Casa Antonio Sradivari - Cremona

The finest art of making lutes and organs, excellent artists and music festivals are the central core of the Cremona Music District. Music belongs to the common heritage of the whole territory of Cremona, whose musicians, composers and craftsmen excelled in many fields through the centuries. Stradivari, Monteverdi and Ponchielli were born in this area. Cremona, in particular, is renowned for its lute-making tradition: famous lute makers such as the Amatis, the Guarnieris and Antonio Stradivari lived and worked here.

Since the XIX century Crema has been known at the international level for its organ-building tradition; the town, where the famous double bass player Giovanni Bottesini was born, organizes in fact many courses for the restoration of old instruments. Casalmaggiore, instead, hosts every year the "Casalmaggiore International Festival" and, therefore, many talented musicians.

Music shapes the identity of the whole area and, together with culture, gastronomy and navigation, gives lustre to this territory, where it conveys a magic harmony of sounds, flavours and colours.

Stradivarius the Famous Italian luthier from Cremona

Antonio Stradivari Liutaio - Cremona

Collezione Violini - Antonio Stradivari

Esposizione Violini - Museo Stradivariano Cremona

In Cremona traces of music and lute-making craftsmanship are everywhere: in Garibaldi St., 57 there's Antonio Stradivari's house, where he has lived and worked since 1667; a copy of his gravestone is on display in the park in Roma square, which was created in 1870 on the area where St Domenico's church and monastery used to stand and where Stradivari was buried.

Not far from the park, in Stradivari square, a big statue commemorates the great artist. A unique collection of examples of his work, such as wooden models and tools from his workshop, is on display at the Stradivari Museum, a section of the town museum.

The unique and precious collection of bought and donated violins exhibited at the town hall offers the rare opportunity to see at once some of the masterpieces of the lute-making tradition of Cremona created by Andrea Amati, Antonio and Gerolamo Amati, Nicolò Amati, Giuseppe Guarnieri, Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarnieri del Gesú.

Cremona is still the capital of the modern art of making lutes, as the numberless workshops in the quiet town streets prove.

Cremona and The Artisan Tradition by its Lute Makers

Marchio Cremona Liuteria

Maestri Liutai - Cremona

Strumento ad Arco - Liuteria Cremonese

Liuteria Contemporanea Cremonese - Cremona

The art of making lutes in Cremona dates back to the middle of the XVI century, when Andrea Amati initiated a unique, innovative process that lasted three centuries.

During this period the lute-making tradition was handed down from fathers to sons, grandsons and great grandsons in families such as the Amatis, the Bergonzis, the Guarnieris and the Stradivaris, whose members, whether famous or not, inherited this traditional craft.

These craftsmen were known all around Europe and they were commissioned to create the instruments for the orchestras of royal courts. Even the most famous musicians wanted to have these instruments, being Cremona the top producer at the time. With more than 130 workshops, the town is still the most important lute-making centre at the international level.

The "A. Stradivari" lute makers' cooperative was set up in order to promote contemporary lute making in Cremona following the principles of traditional craftsmanship.

Cremona Liuteria ™, owned by the "A. Stradivari" lute makers' cooperative, certifies that the instrument was made by hand by a professional lute maker of Cremona, thus attesting to its authenticity (all the sold instruments are registered in a database).

On the central Stradivari square and very close to the cathedral you can find the premises of the cooperative, where the Cremona Liuteria ™ instruments are on display and can be played. A wide range of stringed instruments, accessories and specialized publications is available all year round.


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